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Why Vinyl?

Why Should You Choose a Pool with a Vinyl Lining?

  1. Vinyl feels good!   Vinyl is very smooth and luxurious.  It won't rough up your feet or suit.   No more scuffed up toes!  The interior of a vinyl lined pool is softer and smoother than a plaster pool. The vinyl is not subject to scale formation or etching that is commonly found in plaster. At Rustic Pools, Inc., we install a layer of foam to the gunite walls to serve as a buffer between the gunite and vinyl. Your hands and feet will feel the difference and the satin smooth finish will never cause scratches or snagged bathing suits either.
  2. Fewer chemicals, less frequent changes:   Vinyl is a smooth, non-porous material.  Because it is not porous, fewer chemicals are required and the water will remain in balance longer.   Fewer chemicals mean lower maintenance costs.
  3. Less long-term maintenance:   Under normal conditions, a vinyl pool does not need to be drained, acid-washed or re-painted during its lifespan.
  4. Choice of colors and patternsVinyl liners come in a wide array of colors and patterns.  (See some of the choices available on the Liner Patterns page.)
  5. Eventual liner replacement provides a brand new surface:  A vinyl liner will last about the same length of time as a plaster surface.  Instead of re-plastering over an old surface, the old vinyl liner is removed and replaced with a brand new one.  The down time is only 1-2 days, and then your pool is ready for water.
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