Why Vinyl

Why Should You Choose a Pool with a Vinyl Lining?

  1. Vinyl feels good!   Vinyl is very smooth and luxurious.  It won't rough up your feet or suit.   No more scuffed up toes!  The interior of a vinyl-lined pool is softer and smoother than a plaster pool. The vinyl is not subject to scale formation or etching that is commonly found in plaster. At Rustic Pools, Inc., we install a layer of foam to the gunite walls to serve as a buffer between the gunite and vinyl. Your hands and feet will feel the difference and the satin-smooth finish will never cause scratches or snagged bathing suits either.
  2. Fewer chemicals, less frequent changes:   Vinyl is a smooth, non-porous material.  Because it is not porous, fewer chemicals are required and the water will remain in balance longer.   Fewer chemicals mean lower maintenance costs.
  3. Less long-term maintenance:   Under normal conditions, a vinyl pool does not need to be drained, acid-washed or re-painted during its lifespan.
  4. Choice of colors and patterns:  Vinyl liners come in a wide array of colors and patterns.  (See some of the choices available on the Liner Patterns page.)
  5. Eventual liner replacement provides a brand new surface:  A vinyl liner will last about the same length of time as a plaster surface.  Instead of re-plastering over an old surface, the old vinyl liner is removed and replaced with a brand new one.  The downtime is only 1-2 days, and then your pool is ready for the water.